Brockman Scholars FAQs

The Brockman Scholarship

What is the Brockman Scholarship?

The Brockman Scholarship is a merit-based, full-ride academic scholarship that covers five years of study exclusively at the College Station campus of Texas A&M University.

The scholarship supports four years of undergraduate study in designated areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as a one-year Master of Science in Business graduate program for non-business majors at Texas A&M’s Mays Business School. Students who are offered a scholarship commit to enrolling in, and successfully completing, both degree programs.

A total of 50 scholarships are awarded every year.

Who may apply for a Brockman Scholarship?

To be considered, you must:

  • Be an American citizen resident anywhere in the world. International (non-U.S. citizen) students may apply if they can obtain a visa to study in the U.S.
  • Score at least 1400 on the SAT or the equivalent minimum composite ACT score of 32.
  • Have applied to an approved program of study at Texas A&M University and be able to provide a Universal Identification Number (UIN) on the application form.
  • Not have previously been a full-time university/college student.
  • Be under 21 at the date of application for the scholarship.
  • Not be related to a sitting member of the Texas A&M University Board of Regents. Click here to see the current make-up of the Board of Regents.
  • Demonstrate excellence in academics, leadership and constructive social engagement.

What does the Brockman Scholarship cover?

The Brockman Scholarship covers tuition fees in full for both in-state and out-of-state students. It also provides for room and board, transportation, books and supplies, and one credit-bearing, university-organized overseas study opportunity.

The stipend provided to each scholar is based on the average cost of attendance at Texas A&M. For more information, click here.

Scholars who are in the Corps of Cadets will receive additional assistance, with funding for summer courses, uniforms and overseas excursions assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Which undergraduate degree programs are considered STEM-based degrees?

The application form contains a list of some of the STEM-based degree programs offered on the College Station campus of Texas A&M. This list is not comprehensive, and applicants may enter an alternative four-year STEM major on the application form using the following format: Four-letter Texas A&M Academic Code: College/Degree Program.

The final decision on what constitutes a STEM major for the purposes of the scholarship rests with the Brockman Foundation. For the current approved listing of STEM majors, click here.

What is the MS Business graduate degree?

The innovative Master of Science in Business graduate degree program for non-business majors provides students with a solid foundation in the various functional areas of business such as accounting, finance, information systems, management, marketing, and supply chain management. In addition, the program has courses in business communications, professional presence, career management, leadership, ethical decision making, and value creation.

The MS Business program is completed in 11 months of intense coursework and study. Students typically enter the June-to-May program in the same year that they complete undergraduate studies. Coupled with co-curricular experiences throughout the program, students are equipped to enter the workforce with a unique and powerful skill set. For more information about the MS Business Program click here.

It is a condition of being awarded a scholarship that the recipient will enroll in and successfully complete both the four-year undergraduate STEM degree and the MS Business graduate degree program. The Foundation will accommodate students who wish to fast-track, where possible.

Applying for a Brockman Scholarship

How do I apply for a Brockman Scholarship?

All applications for a Brockman Scholarship must be made online via the application portal on this website. Applications submitted in any other way will not be acknowledged or considered.

The application portal for the Brockman Scholarship opens in September of any given year to accept applications for studies beginning in the following academic year

When is the application deadline?

The deadline for applications is at 5pm (US Central Time) on December 1.

Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to give the Brockman Foundation ample time to consider an application.

Please do not wait until the last day to submit your application. No application will be accepted after the deadline, regardless of reason.

The earlier the completed application is received, the sooner a candidate may be considered for an interview. Therefore, early applications are strongly encouraged. A candidate may receive an invitation to interview at any time after the completed application has been processed. All interviews will have been conducted by the end of February 2021.

Must applicants have accepted an offer of admission to Texas A&M?

Brockman Scholarship applicants are not required to have accepted an offer of admission prior to submitting their scholarship application. However, to be considered for this scholarship, students must have applied to or been accepted to an approved program of study at Texas A&M by the scholarship application deadline. The Texas A&M application process is separate to the scholarship application process and it is entirely the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants must ultimately accept the offer of admission and enroll as an incoming freshman at Texas A&M to take up a Brockman Scholarship.

Upon receipt of confirmation from the Admissions Office at Texas A&M that you have applied to study a designated STEM-based degree, your application will be considered. If we do not receive confirmation from Texas A&M, your application will be rejected.

Must all supporting documents be submitted by the application deadline?

You are required to submit the following documentation as part of your application:

  • Photo Identification
  • Recent professional/passport-style photograph
  • High school transcript
  • Official SAT/ACT score reports
  • AP score report, if applicable
  • Two letters of recommendation

All supporting documentation including SAT and ACT score reports, high school transcripts, and an applicant’s photo and identification must be submitted as PDF attachments with the online application form by the December 1 deadline. References, included references submitted directly by the referee, must also be received by the December 1 deadline for an application to be considered. No documents will be accepted after the deadline, regardless of reason.

How do I submit SAT or ACT score reports?

You must log in to your SAT or ACT account on the testing organization’s website, download your official score report as a PDF document and upload that PDF document to the online application form. We will only accept a score report from a single sitting of the SAT or ACT. We will not accept ‘Super Scores’ wherein an applicant combines scores from two separate sittings of the test.

We do NOT accept screenshots of your SAT or ACT score report taken from the testing organization’s website.

The scholarship application form requires you to indicate the date on which you sat a given test. Please note that we are unable to grant deadline extensions to accommodate SAT/ACT re-sits.

How do I submit Advanced Placement (AP) scores?

Please enter your AP scores on the application form. However, for the scores to be considered, you must also upload your AP score report as a PDF document. You can download your AP scores from the testing organization’s website.

How do I submit reference letters?

Brockman Scholarship applications must be supported by one academic and one non-academic reference letter. All references must be typewritten on letterhead and should contain the full contact details of your referee. References must be submitted in PDF format.

If one or both referees would prefer to deliver the reference directly to the Brockman Foundation, this must be indicated in the appropriate place on the application form. Your referee will be able to submit the reference by email to We are not able to accept mailed references. The email must clearly state your full name and high school. The Foundation will confirm receipt of any references sent by email prior to the application deadline.

All references must be received by the scholarship application deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that both references are submitted.

Who may submit a non-academic reference letter?

One of your references should be submitted by someone who is not your teacher or guidance counselor. Examples of non-academic references include letters prepared by a: ROTC instructor, Model UN leader, club advisor, coach, percussion director, neighbor, family friend who is a teacher but has never taught the applicant, a person for whom the applicant performed volunteer work, the sponsor of an organization in which the applicant held a leadership position, and an elementary school principal that the applicant met while doing volunteer work.

Non-academic reference letters should speak to the applicant’s personal qualities, work experience, skills or other relevant expertise.

What type of photo should I upload to the application form?

You must upload a recent professional/passport-style photo to the application form. The photo must show your full face looking directly at the camera and should be taken against a light background (white or grey).

The photo must be converted to PDF format. If you use a phone camera to take the photo, your camera should convert and format the photo for you. Uploaded photos should be less than 3MB in size to ensure the total attachment size does not exceed the maximum.

What else should I know about the application process?

Applications will not be considered unless they are complete. This means all required supporting documentation must be included.

The online scholarship application form is programmed to only accept documents uploaded in PDF format. No other document formats can be processed. Files should not exceed 3MB in size.

You must ensure that you complete all required fields on the application. These are marked with a red asterisk. The form cannot be submitted until all required fields are complete.

“Save & Finish Later” is not the same as submitting your application. Your application is not submitted until you hit the SUBMIT button after REVIEWING your completed application.

Selection Criteria and Process

What criteria are used to select scholarship recipients?

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who demonstrate academic achievement, constructive community engagement and the qualities of a good citizen. To be chosen as a Brockman Scholar, the applicant must show merit in all three areas.

Our goal is to support the development of well-rounded individuals who will form a community of Brockman Scholars on the College Station campus of Texas A&M and who, upon graduation, will become leaders in their respective fields and make positive contributions to the wider community.

In relation to academics, we invite applications from candidates with a minimum composite SAT score of 1400 or the equivalent minimum composite ACT score of 32.

What is the selection process for the Brockman Scholarship?

The Brockman Scholarship will use a two-step selection process:

  1. Application form review
  2. Interview with members of the selection committee in Houston, Texas.

Interviews are typically held in person. However, interviews may be held remotely by video conference this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Candidates will be advised in this regard in due course.

When will you make scholarship offers to successful candidates?

Applicants who are successful at the interview stage may receive an emailed ‘Notification of Award’ at any time during the selection process. Candidates will have seven calendar days to accept or decline the offer. Candidates who decline will be returned to the pool of applicants still under consideration and the offer will be extended to the next candidate in line.

Offers will be extended on a rolling basis until all scholarship places are filled. We expect this to be before the traditional May 1 Decisions Deadline for College Admissions.

Scholarship Conditions

What academic and non-academic standards must scholars satisfy to maintain the scholarship year-on-year?

Brockman Scholars must meet eligibility requirements each year to continue receiving the scholarship. This includes maintaining a minimum Grade Point Average of 3.5 every semester.

Brockman Scholars must remain enrolled full-time in a STEM-based major during their undergraduate studies and complete at least 30 semester credit hours per year at Texas A&M (dual credit, transfer credit, and/or credit by AP exam will count towards this requirement).

Scholars are required to attend social events, seminars, workshops and meetings organized for the benefit of Brockman Scholars.

Scholars are also expected to become enthusiastic and fully involved members of the campus community. This includes entering actively into the extracurricular life of the University.

Participation in an honors program is not required. However, most Brockman Scholars participate in the University Honors Program or an academic, college-based program – for example, the Engineering Honors Program.

Further details are included in a Statement of Conditions and Expectations provided to scholarship recipients. Prospective scholars must agree to the terms therein before their appointment as a Brockman Scholar is confirmed.

What happens if a scholar falls below the 3.5 GPA requirement?

Falling below the 3.5 GPA requirement will subject a scholar’s status to review by the Foundation and may jeopardize the continuation of a student’s scholarship.

Will scholars be considered for other scholarships in addition to the Brockman Scholarship?

Brockman Scholars who submitted their admissions and scholarship applications to Texas A&M by the December 1 deadline will have been considered for other Texas A&M University scholarship programs. However, if applicants accept the invitation to become a Brockman Scholar, all other University scholarships that may have been offered prior to their acceptance of a Brockman Scholarship will be cancelled by the Scholarships & Financial Aid office of Texas A&M as the Brockman Foundation will cover but not exceed the full cost of attendance at Texas A&M.

Students eligible for the Federal Pell Grant, ROTC funding, National Merit Scholarships (in conjunction with National Merit Finalist Distinction), and/or veterans/dependent educational benefits may still receive these funds. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If approved, the difference will be subtracted from the Brockman Foundation support so that Scholars will still have their full cost of attendance met.

The following National Merit Scholarship Corporation awards may only be accepted in conjunction with the Brockman Scholarship if the award is granted with National Merit Finalist Distinction:

  1. National Merit $2500 Scholarships
  2. College-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards
  3. Corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards
  4. Special Scholarships

Scholars should inform the Brockman Foundation prior to accepting any such award.

Applicants selected for other scholarship programs through their high school, school district, community organization, employers, civic groups and so on, must decline these scholarships or forfeit them if already accepted. Alternatively, and if permitted by the organization granting the award, Scholars may defer acceptance until they have graduated from the MS Business program.

How will the Brockman Scholarship funds apply to a scholar’s student account?

The Brockman Scholarship will pay to the student’s university account 10 days prior to the first day of class for the semester. Once all posted University charges (tuition, required fees, optional fees) are paid by your student account, the remaining funds will be refunded to Scholars as a direct deposit. Scholars will receive one direct deposit per semester and may use these funds for the remainder of their expenses such as books, items for the Corps of Cadets, transportation and other personal expenses.

The amount of the award will be based on the Financial Aid estimated cost of attendance and will be reviewed a few weeks into each semester to ensure that actual tuition and fee expenses are covered. Adjustments may result in an additional refund. If a student adds or changes classes, meal plans, housing, etc. after the refund has been created, the student will need to check their bill for additional charges that may need to be paid using their refund.

Will any part of the Brockman Scholarship package be taxable?

Any taxes are the responsibility of the student. Texas A&M University will provide students with a 1098-T Tuition Statement each year that will list the financial support received as well as the required tuition and fees paid for that tax year through the student’s Howdy Portal. The student will receive an email when this is ready to download.

The Scholarships & Financial Aid office recommends that students/parents seek advice from a tax professional when receiving high dollar scholarships since each family’s case is unique.

For more information, visit

How should Brockman Scholars conduct themselves in On-Line Social Networks/The On-Line Global Community?

Brockman Scholars are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in On-Line Social Networks/the On-Line Global Community. This requirement is consistent with our view that each scholarship student is an ambassador of the program and Brockman Foundation name. We are aware that although students’ private lives are their own, the prestigious nature of the scholarship and the fact that it is highly competitive in its selection process alters our expectation of both privacy and the attribution of an individual’s conduct to the Brockman Scholarship Program.

New Student Conference & Fish Camp

Will the Brockman Foundation cover the cost of the New Student Conference?

No, this cost is the responsibility of the scholar. Please click here for more information about the NSC.

Will the Brockman Foundation fund travel for out-of-state students attending a New Student Conference?

No. Travel costs are the responsibility of the student.

Is the cost of Fish Camp covered by the Brockman Foundation?

Yes. Scholars will receive instructions on how to register for Fish Camp so that the cost is covered by the Foundation.

Housing and Meal Plans

Are Brockman Scholars required to live on-campus for the duration of their studies?

Scholars are only required to live on campus during their Freshman year. This requirement may be waived in the case of extenuating circumstances.

The stipend for housing and meals is the same for scholars who live on and off-campus.

Off-campus housing is permissible for subsequent years. Scholars who move off-campus after their Freshman year will see their housing and meal allowance included in their semesterly direct deposit. Scholars who live off-campus are responsible for securing their own accommodation, paying rent and any other associated bills and expenses.

What meal plan should scholars choose?

This is the student’s choice. However, the cost of attendance uses an average and choosing a more expensive meal plan may leave less funding for other education-related expenses throughout the semester.

Is the cost of on-campus parking covered by the Brockman Foundation?

Campus parking is factored into the cost of attendance and is, as such, provided for in the semesterly stipend.


Can scholars change majors or minor in a non-STEM field?

A major change within STEM may be permitted if it does not hinder a scholar’s ability to graduate on time and is approved by the Brockman Foundation. Scholars may minor in a non-STEM field so long as this does not interfere with their ability to complete their undergraduate degree within four years.

Will the Brockman Foundation cover a double major if there is an additional cost?

Consideration to granting additional funding to cover the cost of double majors will be given on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, double majors should fall within STEM fields. Scholars are expected to follow the degree plan outlined by their college/department advisor and to complete undergraduate requirements within four academic years.

Does the scholarship include funding for online classes?

Certain classes at Texas A&M are online-only/already included in the cost of tuition. Online classes that incur an additional cost will only be covered by an additional reimbursement through a cost of attendance adjustment if the online classes are deemed necessary to keep scholars on track with their four-year degree plans. Exceptions are made for Corps of Cadet members (see the section on the Corps of Cadets).

Are scholars permitted to take less than 15 credit hours per semester if they can still graduate in four years?

Yes, so long as they meet the minimum 12 credit hours per semester required by Texas A&M University for full-time enrollment, the scholarship conditions, which state that scholars must complete at least 30 semester credit hours per year with dual credit, transfer credit, and/or credit by AP exam taken into account, and any course requirements.

Is funding for summer classes included in the scholarships?

Funding for summer classes is not included in the scholarship. The Foundation will only consider paying for summer classes at Texas A&M, if these classes are required to keep scholars on track with their four-year degree plans. This would require academic sign off and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Brockman Foundation reserves the right to deny funding for summer classes if these classes could have been accommodated during the fall/spring semester. Funding exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for members of the Corps of Cadets (see the section on the Corps of Cadets below).

Will the Brockman Foundation cover the cost of a new laptop?

Laptop purchases will be subsidized by the Foundation, with the amount capped by degree plan. Incoming Freshman students should wait until the beginning of August to purchase a new laptop and request a change to their cost of attendance. Instructions will be included in the Statement of Conditions & Expectations.

Corps of Cadets

Will the Brockman Foundation cover the cost of uniforms?

Corps members who pass a fitness test, are in good academic standing and have not been placed on conduct probation will be reimbursed the uniform rental fee by the Corps of Cadets in the spring semester of their Freshman year. Contracting scholars will continue to be reimbursed if these requirements are met. However, Corps members who opt out of ROTC courses in their Sophomore year will no longer be reimbursed by the Corps. In this case, non-contracting scholars may apply to the Brockman Foundation for additional funding to cover uniform expenses from their Sophomore year onwards.

All Brockman Scholars in the Corps may apply for additional funds to cover the cost of the boots required during their senior year. Scholars who wish to take leadership positions in the Corps may also apply for additional funding for a sabre. However, scholars should use their semesterly stipend to cover any other expenses associated with the Corps.

Can I study abroad through the Corp of Cadets?

Corps members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the study abroad opportunities offered by the Corps of Cadets and the Brockman Foundation will fund any administration fees not already covered by the Corps. Brockman Scholars may take this opportunity in addition to the mandatory credit-bearing and university-organized study abroad opportunity that is afforded to all Brockman Scholars.

What happens if I want to leave the Corps?

The unique opportunities provided by the Corps of Cadets were a significant deciding factor in the Foundation’s decision to partner with Texas A&M University. The Brockman Foundation is therefore keen to support any scholars who decide to join the Corps of Cadets. Should you decide to leave the Corps, you will be required to do so through the appropriate channels. You may also be liable to cover the cost of alternative accommodation as the Foundation will only provide one stipend for accommodation per semester.

Is there a specific academic advisor for members of the Corps?

Brockman Scholars who are members of the Corps of Cadets are required to meet with Ms. Meredith Simpson, Assistant Commandant – Academics & International Programs, every semester for early registration advising and a degree plan review. These sessions are designed to provide scholars an opportunity to review current course selections, update degree plans and select course options for the upcoming semester (with transfer options for summer courses away from Texas A&M).

Will the Brockman Foundation pay for summer courses at Texas A&M or other colleges?

Brockman Scholars who are members of the Corps of Cadets may apply for additional funding to cover the cost of summer classes, including online classes, at Texas A&M or other colleges if they are required to keep scholars on track to graduate within four years. If these classes are taken at another college, the credit must be transferable and relevant to their intended major.

Study Abroad

What type of study abroad opportunity are scholars expected to take?

The Brockman Foundation will fund one credit-bearing, University-organized study abroad opportunity at undergraduate level for all Brockman Scholars. The study abroad opportunity may be a faculty-led program or an exchange program. Programs run by a third party (not Texas A&M) are not funded at this time.

Academic credit must go towards a Scholar’s intended major and the study abroad opportunity must not interfere with a Scholar’s ability to complete their undergraduate degree in four years. Scholars who intend to study abroad for a whole semester, should plan this carefully with their academic advisor and the relevant study abroad team. They must apply for and receive the approval of both the Brockman Foundation and Texas A&M before embarking on a study abroad program.

The Brockman Foundation will host a study abroad workshop for Freshman students to provide additional information.

Are Scholars also required to study abroad during the MS Business program?

Yes. MS Business program students typically take a seven or eight-day trip as part of their International Business Environment Course (BUAD 715). The trip takes place during Spring Break. These trips provide students with a high-impact international experience designed to prepare them for an increasingly global business environment. In the past trips have been taken to Mexico, Spain and Italy.

Internships & Summer Employment

What type of internship are scholars expected to take?

Scholars are required to complete a professional internship at undergraduate level that furthers their progress toward their professional goal. The internship must not impede their ability to graduate within four years and must be approved by the Brockman Foundation.

The Brockman Foundation will host an internship workshop for Sophomore students to assist them directionally. The Brockman Foundation does not guarantee internships – scholars are responsible for identifying and securing a professional internship.

Co-ops are only permitted if scholars have accumulated enough credit that the co-op internship would not hinder their ability to graduate within the allotted four-year timeframe.

Are internships funded by the Brockman Foundation?

Scholars should aim to secure paid industry internships as the Brockman Foundation does not guarantee additional funding for unpaid internships. The Brockman Foundation will not pay for scholars to participate in fee-charging internships through the Study Abroad Office or other programs.

Scholars who have secured a fully-funded internship will not receive additional funds from the Brockman Foundation. Scholars who wish to take a partially-funded/unfunded internship may apply for additional funding.

Co-ops must be funded. If the funding is less than the cost of attendance at Texas A&M, the Brockman Foundation may provide additional funding to match but not exceed the cost of attendance at Texas A&M.

What type of summer employment should scholars be looking for?

While the Brockman Foundation would prefer employment to be related to the scholar’s degree, this is not a strict requirement. For example, scholars may work as Fish Camp counsellors.

If you have questions about the Brockman Scholars Program that are not answered in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, please contact us via the form on our Contact Page.