Dr. K. Lance Gould, McGovern Medical School

Dr. K. Lance Gould, McGovern Medical School, University of Texas Health Science Center

The Brockman Medical Research Foundation has provided support for the pioneering work of Dr. K. Lance Gould and his team at McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Dr. Gould is the Martin Bucksbaum Distinguished University Chair, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine — and Executive Director of the Weatherhead P.E.T. Center for Preventing and Reversing Atherosclerosis at McGovern.

Over the past 45 years, Dr. Gould’s research established the foundations for current imaging of coronary artery disease now used worldwide including the concepts of Coronary Flow Reserve, pharmacologic stress imaging of coronary blood flow, the quantitative analysis of the coronary angiogram, cardiac positron emission tomography, fractional flow reserve at coronary angiogram for guiding stents, physiologic severity of coronary disease to guide stents or bypass surgery, and prevention or reversal of coronary atherosclerosis by comprehensive pharmacologic treatment and healthy living.

Recent research by Dr. Gould and his team provides important insights and partial explanation for the different manifestations of coronary artery disease in women compared to men. As in the past, the team’s current research leading the world is expanding these conceptual foundations for future generations of physicians and patients.

Support from the Brockman Medical Research Foundation has facilitated the development by Dr. Gould and his team of HeartSee software, which incorporates and integrates the concepts, discoveries, experience and cumulative data acquired over 45 years into an easily understood, visual graphic display for identifying or quantifying early or advanced coronary artery disease to guide its management by medical–lifestyle treatment with stents and bypass surgery only when essential to prevent heart attack.

The progress and vivid graphical HeartSee software provides insights into the heart that changes the way physicians think about coronary artery disease.

Project Highlights

  • Funding For: HeartSee software