Dr. Malcolm V. Brock, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Project Overview

The Brockman Foundation Medical Research Grant Program has provided funding in support of first-of-their kind clinical drug trials conducted by Dr. Malcolm V. Brock at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr. Brock, a Bermudian, is a specialist in Thoracic Oncology and is a Professor of Surgery and Oncology at Johns Hopkins. He is Director of Clinical and Translational Research in Thoracic Surgery, conducting cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Dr. Brock’s focus is on drugs that target and dismantle the immunosuppressive microenvironment, a phenomenon whereby a tumour forms a protective shield or environment around itself made up of immune cells, and commands these immune cells to actively suppress any errant immune cell, wandering into the area, not to attack the cancer.

The Brockman Foundation funding supports the first-of-its-kind adjuvant epigenetic therapy after surgery for lung cancer.

Project Highlights

  • Overview: Funding for Clinical Drug Trials