Jefferson Scholars Foundation

Serving the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

Project Overview

The Brockman Foundation has provided funding to the Jefferson Scholars Foundation to endow a Professorship in Colonial History at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville.

“The Brockman Foundation Jefferson Scholars Foundation Professorship in Colonial History is a significant part of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation’s effort to help the University of Virginia to create a cadre of leading scholars whose research interests are focused on the life and times of the Early Republic,” said Mr. Jimmy Wright, President of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation.

“During this period something almost magical occurred. The holders of the Brockman Foundation chair with their colleagues will examine and seek to understand the influences on those individuals responsible for the miracle that is America’s democracy. The architectural forms, material culture, literature, philosophy, religion, cultural norms and institutions, and politics of the era all will be studied.


Project Highlights

  • Overview: Funding for Professorship in Colonial History

“Consistent with Thomas Jefferson’s belief that the life of the mind is a noble end in itself, the research and inquiry undertaken by the Brockman Foundation Professor will strengthen the understanding of democracy and its influence for good.

“The Brockman Foundation Jefferson Scholars Foundation Professors will be an integral and permanent part of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation’s mission to serve the University of Virginia by attracting individuals of extraordinary intellectual range and depth who possess the highest qualities of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship.

“The professors will be leaders among the faculty and a prominent presence within the Jefferson Scholars community, serving on the Foundation’s selection committees, mentoring the recipients of the Foundation’s scholarships and fellowships, and sharing their research with the community.”