Meet the Brockman Scholars Class of ’22

Harold Abbott

  • Home Town: Southborough, Massachusetts
  • High School: Algonquin Regional
  • Intended Major: Electrical Engineering

Harry Abbott is pursuing an electrical engineering degree at Texas A&M University with the aim of making a positive impact in a world dominated by electricity. He hopes to follow in the footsteps of Nikola Tesla by learning to harness electricity and better the lives of millions. Harry is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing, hiking and spending time at his local YMCA. He also has a keen interest in history, especially American history. A member of the Corps of Cadets, Harry is interested in becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps, where he plans to hone his leadership skills for a post-military career.

Hunter Adams

Home Town: Dallas, Texas
High School: School of Science and Engineering
Intended Major: Oceanography

Oceanography is the perfect combination of physics, chemistry, mathematics, environmental sciences and research for Hunter Adams. His interest in the field developed during his early childhood spent on the Mississippi River and grew with his rowing career and the numerous environmental challenges he participated in during high school, including the Lexus Eco Challenge. Hunter hopes to one day participate in climate change research with organizations such as NASA or NOAA to help find solutions for the complex problems that impact the entire world. In his free time, Hunter enjoys rowing with his teammates, volunteering at a local lake clean-up organization or working on motorcycles and old trucks with his dad.

Tyler Bagby

  • Home Town: McKinney, Texas
  • High School: McKinney High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

In hopes of working towards a more sustainable future, Tyler Bagby is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with a minor in Computer Science. Guided by his love of nature and the outdoors, he aspires to one day help develop efficient green energy sources. He has been able to pursue his passion for service and helping others through Boy Scouts growing up and continues to do so through organizations at Texas A&M, including the Student Engineers’ council. In his free time, Tyler likes to listen to music, practice playing the piano/guitar, and is always willing to go camping or hiking.

Nathaniel Bass

  • Home Town: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • High School: Baton Rouge Christian Preparatory
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Nathaniel Bass is pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. He plans to utilize this to expand his family’s business and create more ergonomic machines to increase the strength, stamina and protection of public servants such as firefighters, law enforcement and military personnel. One of four home-educated children, Nathaniel’s life has been filled with experiential learning, projects and experiments to practice mathematical and scientific principles, speech and debate competitions, and reading and writing to strengthen his appreciation for literature. He has taught ESL to local refugees, served children in foster care statewide and helped lay a pipeline in the Dominican Republic to bring fresh water to villagers. Nathaniel is also a keen swimmer and enjoys ultimate frisbee, ballroom dancing, martial arts and hiking.

Carla Bassil

  • Home Town: Flower Mound, Texas
  • High School: Flower Mound High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering

A family history of chronic disease set Carla Bassil on a path to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering. She plans to earn a doctorate in a subfield of bioinstrumentation with the aim of eventually designing high quality and economically feasible diagnosis devices that can be manufactured and distributed to even the most secluded regions.

Carla, a Lebanese-American, has a special interest in promoting higher education to underprivileged students. She spearheaded the 2019 EnVision Conference, bringing over 400 K-12 students from public schools around Texas to participate in engineering design challenges at Texas A&M University. Throughout her time at A&M, Carla has conducted research in neuroscience and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Most recently, she interned as an R&D engineer with Acclarent, a Johnson & Johnson company specializing in Ear Nose and Throat surgical devices.

Nolan Berry

  • Home Town: Flower Mound, Texas
  • High School: Edward S. Marcus High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering

After graduating with a degree in biomedical engineering, Nolan Berry plans to move to Peru to dedicate his life to helping those less fortunate. He hopes to develop prosthetics to help victims of natural disasters regain their quality of life. Nolan has travelled to Peru on two mission trips. He organized a clothing drive for victims of the Piura flood in March 2017 with the Spanish Honor Society. Nolan also co-founded the non-profit organization FindTek to refurbish and donate used technological devices to people in need. Nolan was among the top one percent of his graduating class at Marcus High School and he credits his mother with encouraging him in his studies and his father for instilling in him a love of tennis. By his sophomore year, Nolan had won more than ten tournaments and by his junior year, he finished among the top 30 percent of tennis champions in the state of Texas.

Kaylee Bryant

  • Home Town: Katy, Texas
  • High School: Cinco Ranch High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Kaylee Bryant plans to utilize her degree in mechanical engineering to serve others and the world in any way possible. She is looking forward to developing her passion for science and mathematics at Texas A&M University. Kaylee has been heavily involved in theatre for the past six years and credits this with expanding her creativity and problem-solving skills. She has held many leadership positions in her theater company and hopes to further those skills at Texas A&M University. Faith also plays a big role in Kaylee’s life and through her church, she was able to participate in several mission trips, which taught her the importance of serving others and giving back.

Jorel Decipulo

  • Home Town: Rowlett, Texas
  • High School: Garland High School
  • Intended Major: Engineering

Jorel Decipulo always wanted to be a hero and the engineering student is determined to make the world a better place. Jorel aspires to work with inspired individuals to build a cohesive community for the benefit of all. He hopes to be part of developing cleaner energy and a better education system that teaches the power of the arts and sciences together. Jorel is an avid musician – he took his first violin lesson when he was seven years old. Jorel credits music with taking him to the “most incredible places” and teaching him “amazing things”. Jorel also has a keen interest in computer science, woodworking and dance.

Thomas DeLong

  • Home Town: Fairbanks, Alaska
  • High School: West Valley High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Thomas DeLong plans to pursue a career as an engineer with a view to being self-employed. While taking drafting, mathematics and engineering classes in high school, Thomas realized that he enjoys the process of design and problem solving. He credits these classes with sparking his interest in the field. Thomas grew up in Alaska and spent much of his time outdoors. His family obtains much of their food from subsistence hunting and fishing, and Thomas has taken on an increasingly larger role in this process as he has grown older. He credits this self-sufficiency with instilling in him a strong sense of personal responsibility and driving his success in school. Thomas’s other interests include hiking, camping, woodcarving, snowboarding, firearm safety training, sailing and scuba diving. Thomas has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Daniel English

  • Home Town: Tyler, Texas
  • High School: Robert E Lee High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering

Daniel English is pursuing a biomedical engineering degree along the pre-medicine track in the hope of one day becoming a certified doctor able to undertake mission work both locally and abroad. Daniel hopes to use his leadership abilities to one day run a business that creates and provides affordable medical equipment to people in impoverished countries. Daniel has been able to hone his leadership skills and pursue his passion for service through many years in the Boy Scouts of America. He honed his love for nature as he hiked, canoed and swam all over North America. Daniel also developed his love for music through his involvement with his high school band, church youth choir and student ministry’s praise band.

Zachary Falla

  • Home Town: Houston, Texas
  • High School: Cypress Falls
  • Intended Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Zachary Falla is pursuing a degree in industrial and systems engineering with a focus in economics. Through experiences in the Houston area, an international hub for energy, trade, and transportation, Zachary learned the value of efficient logistics and operations, which inspired him to pursue a career in this field. He is interested in integrating mathematical models, economic theories, and tested business practices to develop a well-rounded base of knowledge. Through his involvement with the Catholic Church and his local community, Zachary plans to continuously help his community, in whatever form possible, while also developing his leadership skills through participation in the Corps of Cadets and Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band.

Scott Gautier

  • Home Town: Whitesboro, Texas
  • High School: Whitesboro High School
  • Intended Major: Chemistry

Scott Gautier attributes his fascination with science and mathematics to an inherent interest in how the world around him works. Scott says chemistry particularly intrigued him because of the subject’s ability to explain the construct of everything tangible in this universe. He plans to use his degree in chemistry to make a positive impact on the world. In addition to academics, Scott is also passionate about tennis, having played the sport for four years. His other interests include outdoor activities and exploring nature.

Ashley Harris

  • Home Town: Montpelier, Virginia
  • High School: Patrick Henry High School
  • Intended Major: Civil Engineering

Ashley Harris plans to pursue a career as civil engineer, working with others to solve today’s problems for tomorrow. She credits science and research projects with sparking her interest in the field. Keen to make an impact on the world, Ashley plans to one day join an organization such as Engineers Without Borders to leverage her education in the best way possible to help those around her. Ashley was a member of the marching band at her high school and a drum major and “mom” to 80 high school students. She was also the president of the Science National Honor Society, historian of the National Honor Society, treasurer of the Spanish National Honor Society and an active member of Mu Alpha Theta. In her free time, Ashley enjoys swimming, playing softball, baking and spending time with her friends and family.

Bridget Higgins

  • Home Town: San Antonio, Texas
  • High School: Vanden High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Sciences

Born into a military family, Bridget Higgins grew up travelling across four continents and nearly 30 countries. With a multitude of experiences under her belt, she now plans to become a trauma surgeon in the United States Army – a career embodying her belief in selfless service, determination, resiliency, pursuit of excellence and a deep-seated love for humanity. While at Texas A&M University, Bridget hopes to serve internationally by providing innovative forms of solvency to pressing humanitarian issues. Altruism aside, she wants to meet Morgan Freeman, become fluent in Farsi and make a habit of paying for the coffee of the person behind her once a month.

Hannah Hodes

  • Home Town: Katy, Texas
  • High School: Hodes Homeschool Academy
  • Intended Major: Chemical Engineering

Hannah Hodes’s love for mathematics, chemistry, problem-solving and research has led her to pursue a degree in chemical engineering. She plans to use the skills obtained during her undergraduate degree, along with those gained during the MS Business program, to help bridge the gap between scientific medical discoveries and efficient, marketable treatment options. Hannah credits homeschool with enabling her to explore many different disciplines, focus her academic strength and pursue interest and passions ranging from sports to the arts. Hannah is also heavily involved with her church.

Garrett Holmes

  • Home Town: Houston, Texas
  • High School: Carnegie Vanguard High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Garrett Holmes plans to one day start his own business with the knowledge and experience he has gained through his mechanical engineering degree and future employment as an engineer.

The native Houstonian credits an early Montessori education program with enabling him to pursue his passion for mathematics and science while also challenging him to be independent. One of seven children, Garrett counts family as one of the most important things to him in the world. His parents pushed him to work hard and to grow to the best of his ability. He is also passionate about music and plays the piano and the guitar. Garrett has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Jessica Johnson

  • Home Town: Plano, Texas
  • High School: Plano Senior High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering

Jessie Johnson plans to major in biomedical engineering with a minor in Spanish. After completing the MS Business program, she hopes to one day own a biomedical company that is successful enough to be able to donate medical supplies and equipment to people in need. Jessie aims to utilize her Spanish minor to reach a broader group with her business and to improve her understanding of other cultures. Jessie graduated in the top one percent of her senior class and was named a National Merit Scholar. She describes herself as a competitive and driven person, with a penchant for sports competitions. Jessie played varsity and club volleyball throughout high school. She was honored with Academic All-State and Second Team All-District awards in her senior season.

Garrison Kleman

  • Home Town: Nazareth, Texas
  • High School: Nazareth High School
  • Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Garrison Kleman, the second son of a fifth-generation farmer and a midwife, was raised on a farm. He always sought to understand how the world around him worked and how he could improve it. He threw himself into his schooling from a young age, taking extra online classes to help him progress in mathematics and physics. But it was his experience with the NASA High School Aerospace Scholars program that developed his interest in aerospace engineering. He was selected to spend a week at the Johnson Space Centre, which solidified his dream and set him on the path to Texas A&M University, where he plans to pursue several internships to help him decide whether his future lies in the public or private sector. Garrison’s other interests include playing the piano, camping, fishing, kayaking and working on projects around the house.

Roy Kruemcke III

  • Home Town: Giddings, Texas
  • High School: Giddings High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

As an engineer, Roy Kruemcke hopes to create something that will revolutionize the world and have a lasting impact. A student and avid problem-solver, Roy is eager to learn all he can while also ensuring that he applies the knowledge he has gained to accomplish his goals. A keen musician, he has spent much time delving into music theory only to come back and try to make music with it. Roy has learnt that a problem leads to him being a student first and that his studies inspire him to create. He hopes that as he enhances his skills and knowledge, his creative spirit will only grow. Roy is also a member of the Corps of Cadets and his other interests include computer programming, mountain biking, photography and film-making, puzzles and gaming.

James Dale Leaverton

  • Home Town: Pearland, Texas
  • High School: Lutheran South Academy
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

JD Leaverton has always been interested in engineering. He planned to study mechanical or aerospace engineering until his musical hobbies steered his passion towards electrical or sound engineering, setting him on the path to working in the sound production industry. Determined to thrive in whatever route he chooses, JD is also looking forward to the MS Business course, having been exposed to the effectiveness of business competence in his late father’s career. JD enjoys building guitar pedals, guitars and other musical equipment, as well as recording music, sound engineering, mixing and mastering in a professional study or home studio.

Melissa Anne Lee

  • Home Town: Sugar Land, Texas
  • High School: Homeschool
  • Intended Major: Industrial Distribution

Melissa Anne Lee is an industrial distribution major with a minor in Spanish. After completing the MS Business program, she intends to pursue a career that reflects her interest in the logistical aspect of engineering as well as her passion for foreign languages.

As a homeschooled student, Melissa Anne devoted a significant portion of her education to the intense study of foreign languages including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Ancient Greek. She used her linguistic abilities to serve the community as an intern for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Melissa Anne also spent six weeks in Songdo, South Korea through the U.S. State Department’s National Security Language Initiative scholarship program. Melissa Anne is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society and has been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Teddy Lehman

  • Home Town: Austin, Texas
  • High School: McNeil High School
  • Intended Major: Electrical Engineering

Teddy Lehman has always seen education as a means by which to better himself and to help improve the lives of others. Losing his mother to cancer at the age of four and seeing his father persevere and raise two kids on his own, lit a fire in Teddy. It fueled his incessant approach education and inspired him to attend Texas A&M University. His decision to pursue a degree in engineering was guided by his interest in making an impactful change in the world. Teddy’s other interests include reading, hiking and swimming. Teddy has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Luke Marshall

  • Home Town: Austin, Texas
  • High School: Westlake High School
  • Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Luke Marshall plans to pursue a PhD in engineering after obtaining his undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree in business. His goal is to use his education and leadership abilities to develop innovative solutions that enhance the world. A National Merit Finalist, Luke graduated summa cum laude from his high school. He was captain of his cross-country team, founder and president of the Westlake High School Spikeball club, co-captain of the First Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics team and an Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) member throughout high school. In his free time, Luke enjoys spending time with friends and family. His interests also include music and attending church, where he is a leader in his youth group.

Celine Martin

  • Home Town: Avon Lake, Ohio
  • High School: Magnificat High School
  • Intended Major: Industrial Engineering

Aspiring industrial engineer Celine Martin has seen loved ones suffer the devastating effects of dementia and she firmly believes that no one deserves the same fate. Having learned about the potential for biotechnology to combat dementia and similar diseases at a genetic conference, Celine is on a mission to revolutionize life as we know it by using genome editing technology.

The ambitious Aggie has a deep passion for helping others. A knack for mathematics, along with an ever-curious mind, led to a rigorous course load in high school and her general interest in STEM. Celine hopes to use her master’s degree in business to promote the wonders of biotechnology to the public. Celine’s interests include the electric guitar, piano, yoga, and computer programming.

Ireri Medrano

  • Home Town: Richmond Hill, Georgia
  • High School: Richmond Hill High School
  • Intended Major: Applied Mathematical Sciences

Ireri Medrano is pursuing a degree in applied mathematical sciences with an emphasis in economics. Recognizing the significant impacts of agriculture on all people of the world, Ireri hopes to apply her undergraduate and graduate degrees to furthering sustainable agriculture pursuits, especially to promote global food and climate justice.

Ireri has interned in California at Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, a fair trade, organic soap company; and in Wisconsin at Kings Hill Farm, an organic vegetable farm. She is passionate about animals, the outdoors, writing, and working with children; she currently works at St. Thomas Early Learning Center and is in the process of writing her first novel. Ireri has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Peter Myers

  • Home Town: Spring, Texas
  • High School: Klein High
  • Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Peter Myers grew up with a deep interest in the outdoors, exploration, technology and the vast expanses of outer space. These interests drove his career ambition to become an astronaut and to explore the Martian frontier. He hopes a degree in aerospace engineering will guide him on this path. Outside of his studies, Peter is a keen distance runner and musician. He ran cross-country and track throughout high school, learning about leadership, perseverance and conflict resolution. Peter is also passionate about playing the viola and he credits his participation in his school orchestra with fostering his teamwork and coordination skills. Peter is also an Eagle Scout, having been in the Boy Scouts of America since he was ten years old.

Osric Nagle

  • Home Town: Austin, Texas
  • High School: Westwood High School
  • Intended Major: Electrical Engineering

Osric Nagle has always harbored an insatiable curiosity for all things scientific, a knack for pushing the boundaries of his own abilities and a joy of exploring the unknown. This combination has led him in his pursuit of an electrical engineering major and he hopes to combine the fields of engineering and business to create effective solutions for an ever-changing world. Osric has also had a keen interest in music since he was six and his singing has led him to a two-time stint as an All-State Choir member. In high school, he expanded his horizons in entrepreneurship and leadership through a variety of school clubs, local events and his own unofficial rental business. Osric has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Rita Nedrow

  • Home Town: Billings, Montana
  • High School: Skyview High School
  • Intended Major: Civil Engineering

Rita Nedrow is looking forward to applying her skills in mathematics and science to a career in civil engineering. Born and raised in Billings, Montana, Rita comes from a long line of cattle ranchers and hard workers – she grew up riding horses, which led to her competing in three-day eventing. When not on horseback, Rita enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking or skiing with her family. Rita is also passionate about community service, having joined Key Club in her junior year of high school. She was elected to serve as club secretary on the board of her home club in her senior year. She worked to improve the club and its projects, while also taking on the management of a large landscape project at her school. Rita has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Erin Nugent

  • Home Town: Bryan, Texas
  • High School: Bryan High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Sciences

Erin Nugent is heavily driven by a sense of family in her passions and aspirations. Her mother, a nurse practitioner at a cancer clinic, influenced her desire to enter the medical field from an early age, while her father instilled in her a strong work ethic. Erin’s sister, a business student at Texas A&M University, has been her mentor for many years and Erin hopes to imitate the empathy and proactivity she exhibits while on campus. After graduating from Texas A&M University, Erin plans to attend medical school. She is particularly interested in oncology and obstetrics. Her other interests include reading, playing soccer, exploring the outdoors with her family and being active at her church.

Alexander O'Connor

  • Home Town: Cypress, Texas
  • High School: Cypress Ranch
  • Intended Major: Chemical Engineering

Alex O’Connor discovered his passion for chemistry during his junior year in high school. His love of mathematics made chemical engineering his most viable career choice. He hopes to one day start a research foundation to develop more efficient process for refining and using fossil fuels as well as cleaner, financially viable energy solutions. A keen sportsman, Alex is most passionate about spending time outdoors. He played football throughout high school, which taught him the importance of time management and discipline. This was furthered by his induction into a variety of National Honor Societies. During his senior year, Alex started tutoring fellow athletes, which led him to start a low-cost tutoring service in his neighborhood. He juggled these responsibilities with a complex research project on utilizing the electrical impulses in mitochondrial cells to create clean energy from bacteria.

Nicholas Osborn

  • Home Town: Magnolia, Texas
  • High School: Magnolia High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Nick Osborn plans on majoring in mechanical or chemical engineering to pursue his passion for problem-solving and to become a leader in his chosen career. He hopes to complement his studies at Texas A&M University with internships in the field to gain real world experience and learn how his classes apply to business. Nick harbors an interest in the application of biomedical and nanotech research. His other interests include exploring the outdoors, hiking, camping, rock climbing and scuba diving. Nick, who describes himself as a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, also enjoys playing basketball and hitting the gym.

Kayla Parker

  • Home Town: Germantown, Tennessee
  • High School: Houston High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering

Kayla Parker hopes to utilize a degree in biomedical engineering to participate in overseas medical research with the US Air Force. She plans to use her business degree to bridge the gap between researchers and the international business community. Kayla has competed in the Health Occupation Students of America competitions for three years, winning state prizes in biomedical debate and emergency medical technician competitions. She is passionate about athletics and played softball at Varsity level. She is also a keen musician and has played the French horn in her school’s marching and concert bands. These experiences inspired her to join the Corps of Cadets and march with the Fighting Texas Aggie Band.

Aditya Pethe

  • Home Town: Sugarland, Texas
  • High School: Westside High School
  • Intended Major: Computer Science & Applied Math

Aditya Pethe was driven by his passion for mathematics and problem-solving to pursue a double major in computer science and mathematics. He intends to investigate the intersection of these majors in machine learning, data science, and cryptography. In high school, Aditya rounded out his education as a captain of the debate team, developing an appreciation for rhetoric and argumentative rigor. In the future, he hopes to unite his passions for problem-solving and effective communication to advance science diplomacy and tackle global challenges. In his free time, Aditya is an avid chess player, rockets fan, puzzle solver, and debate advisor.

Ion Powell

  • Home Town: Tomball, Texas
  • High School: Home School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Ion Powell was driven by his love of robotics and design to choose mechanical engineering as his intended major. Ion joined his first robotics team at the age of seven and later returned as an assistant coach. Aged twelve, he joined the robotics team Extraordinary Innovation Labs. He was on the team for four years and served as vice-president of technology with responsibility for overseeing robot design for three years. Ion is also passionate about nature and scuba diving. He has been active with the Boy Scouts of America for seven years. Ion was elected senior patrol leader in 2014 and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout later that year.

Rachel Pravinkumar

  • Home Town: Houston, Texas
  • High School: DeBakey High School for Health Professions
  • Intended Major:Industrial Distribution

Driven by a passion to serve others, Rachel Pravinkumar hopes to become a Health Services Manager in the Texas Medical Center. Her high school exposure to the medical field and her interest in distribution and supply chain motivates her to apply her knowledge in Industrial Distribution to healthcare management.

Rachel enjoys playing the violin, and she has been involved in solo and orchestral activities for the past 14 years. Rachel and her sister make up the violin-cello duet Take Two. Together they continue to share their love of music by playing at various social events and gatherings. Rachel’s heart for animals has inspired her to partner with local organizations to foster homeless pets. Rachel is also passionate about cooking and finds opportunities to learn and grow through the creativity and challenges it brings.

Rebecca Schultz

  • Home Town: Austin, Texas
  • High School: The Woodlands College Park High School
  • Intended Major: Engineering

Rebecca Schultz’s passion for learning about the world around her has led her to the Engineering Honors Program at Texas A&M University. After completing her master’s degree in business, she plans to earn a PhD in biomedical engineering and pursue a career as an engineering professor. Rebecca graduated summa cum laude from her high school, where she first discovered her interest in engineering and research. This interest was honed through her participation in the team-based competition Destination Imagination. Her team qualified for state and global competitions for three years. A keen tennis player, Rebecca is also passionate about giving back and has volunteered through the National Charity League and high school honor societies.

Oren Shed

  • Home Town: Cedar Park, Texas
  • High School: Round Rock High School
  • Intended Major: Chemical Engineering

Oren Shed hopes to one day run his own engineering firm. He plans to use his degree in chemical engineering to design efficient and inexpensive batteries, specifically for the growing electric vehicle market in the automotive industry. As a high school student, Oren was heavily involved in his school’s DECA chapter and competed at the state level three years in a row and internationally for two years. He credits DECA’s focus on developing business skills with helping him to expand his horizons beyond mathematics and science. Oren’s other interests include camping, experimenting with electronic kits and playing tennis.

Anna Sony

  • Home Town: Missouri City, Texas
  • High School: Ridge Point High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Sciences

Anna Sony discovered her interest in the medical field in middle school and immersed herself in learning about different careers in medicine. While academics are important to her, she believes that the serving others is priceless – a lesson she learned while holding officer positions of service organizations and volunteering at nursing homes, charity clinics and city events. Anna plans to attend optometry school after earning her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences before going on to complete a one-year residency program to undertake advanced training in ocular disease. She aspires to be certified by the American Board of Optometry and to open her own optometry business, a goal that was strengthened after shadowing an optometrist. In her free time, Anna can be found reading in a coffee shop, shopping for stationery or trying to find the perfect Spotify playlist for a car ride.

Kathleen Stephenson

  • Home Town: Austin, Texas
  • High School: James Bowie High School
  • Intended Major: Biomedical Engineering

Kathleen Stephenson is a biomedical engineering major in the university and engineering honors programs. She aspires to go to medical school with interests in cardiology, oncology, and imaging technology. In her Freshman year, she worked as an undergraduate research assistant developing a 3D-printer that utilizes fiber reinforced cement pastes for additive manufacturing in construction. She is a member of the Apprentice Doctor Medical Chapter, learning healthcare professionalism through hands-on experiences. Outside of classes, she’s in a women’s leadership organization where she participates in philanthropy events, fundraisers and sisterhood activities. She is a recipient of the Congressional Youth Award Gold Medal for her devotion to leadership and service. She enjoys being active, embracing Aggie traditions with friends, and spending time with her family in her beloved hometown, Austin. She has joined Exxon’s Project C.U.R.E as a management intern, with a view to helping distribute medical equipment to clinics in underdeveloped countries during the summer of 2019.

Zachary Summers

  • Home Town: Spring, Texas
  • High School: Klein Oak High School
  • Intended Major: Chemical Engineering

Zach Summers is following in the footsteps of his parents and two older siblings by studying chemical engineering. He plans to pursue a path with business aspects in the chemical industry. Zach credits his parents with fostering his interest in science from an early age. His school classes strengthened that interest. Zach has participated in a business marketing competition since his sophomore year. He was tasked to create a business proposition – an experience that made him realize that he enjoys selling products as well as ideas to people. In his free time, Zach enjoys playing a variety of sports. This enabled him to find many friends and ways to spend time with them, from basketball to frisbee and bowling. Zach has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Cara Sutter

  • Home Town: Rockport, Texas
  • High School: Gregory-Portland High School
  • Intended Major: Mechanical Engineering

Cara Sutter hopes to use her degrees in mechanical engineering and business to help communities solve problems. Volunteering in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Cara experienced first-hand how a simple problem such as clearing debris can affect a community both economically and physically. Cara has always loved to build, improve and create. Her favorite subjects in high school were physics, calculus and computer science. One of her favorite clubs was robotics because it combined computer programming, mechanical design, competitions and team work. Through her Varsity Choir, she discovered her love of singing, vocal competitions and performances. In her free time, Cara enjoys reading, tennis, fishing, kayaking, camping and hiking with her family.

Dylan Theriot

  • Home Town: Houston, Texas
  • High School: Clear Lake High School
  • Intended Major: Computer Science

Aspiring computer science major Dylan Theriot hopes to combine his love of technology and people into a successful business by creating the next big social media platform. He plans to connect people and motivate them to help in their communities. Dylan graduated as the salutatorian from Clear Lake High School and was voted ‘most friendly’ in his class – he has enjoyed meeting people since he was a young boy. His interest in technology blossomed in high school as he attended engineering and programming classes. Dylan enjoys coding and creating small programs in his free time. He hopes to become more proficient in coding to one day leave his mark in a digital world. His other interests include volunteering, martial arts, drumming, magic, travelling, Ultimate Frisbee and ping pong. Dylan has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.

Matthew Trotter

  • Home Town: Andrews, Texas
  • High School: Andrews High School
  • Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Matthew Trotter’s interests have driven him towards a career in aerospace engineering. Keen on working for NASA or SpaceX, Matthew would also like to create his own company to build the likes of zeppelins and reintroduce them as an economic and clean alternative to jet travel and sea freight. In his spare time, Matthew likes to play video games, which introduced him to 3D modelling. He enjoys creating 3D scenes and models that can be integrated into game engines. Matthew also aims to be the first person in his family to be fluent in more than one language.

Jeffrey Trouy, Jr.

  • Home Town: Frisco, Texas
  • High School: Lone Star High School
  • Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Jeff Trouy plans to transform his passion for aviation into a career by studying aerospace engineering. He is a member of the Corps of Cadets and has joined the Air Force ROTC program in the hope of realizing his dream of becoming an Air Force pilot and eventually an astronaut. Raised a devout catholic, faith is a cornerstone of everything Jeff does. He is heavily involved with his church and has been an altar server since fifth grade. Sports also always played a huge part in his life, driving his passion for competition. Jeff is a black belt in karate and has played competitive soccer.

Paul Venesky

  • Home Town: Southlake, Texas
  • High School: Carroll Senior High School
  • Intended Major: Engineering

Paul Venesky is studying Industrial and Systems Engineering and hopes to pursue a career in data analytics, supply chain, or operations. His affinity for optimization and process management aligns with his professional interest in developing and implementing creative solutions for production challenges in industry.

Paul is an active member of the Texas A&M Student Engineers’ Council and has served in various leadership positions within the organization. In his current role as Legislation Chair, he acts as a liaison between administration and students within the College of Engineering, most notably through the annual Student Engineering Survey.

Paul is also a drummer who is passionate about music. In his free time, he enjoys making music with friends, playing at local venues, and performing at Rudder Theatre with the Texas A&M Jazz Ensemble.

Ryan Mason Ward

  • Home Town: Keller, Texas
  • High School: Keller High School
  • Intended Major: Aerospace Engineering

Mason Ward, an aspiring aerospace engineer, plans to pursue a career working at the forefront of revolutionizing space flight. Mason, who graduated top of his class at Keller High School, has harbored a lifelong passion for all things space travel. Through his business studies, he aims to not only make human spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit possible but also financially feasible and stable. Mason also enjoys competing in sports with his family and friends. An avid woodworker, Mason is also passionate about honing his skills in traditional hand woodworking, which he describes as an outlet that combines his love of critical thinking, engineering, design and art.

Jonathan Waterman

  • Home Town: Frisco, Texas
  • High School: Frisco High School
  • Intended Major: Computer Engineering

Jon Waterman is pursuing a computer engineering degree with a possible double major in applied mathematics and a minor in cybersecurity at Texas A&M University. After completing the MS Business degree, he hopes to work for a technology company. Jon discovered his passion for STEM subjects in high school and through his fascination with technological advances made by companies across the United States. He furthered his interest in the applications and design of technology by joining his school’s independent study and mentorship program, which enabled him to meet with professionals working in the field of computer and software engineering to better understand their career area. He is a keen swimmer and was also a member of his high school band.

Amanda Young

  • Home Town: Houston, Texas
  • High School: Langham Creek High School
  • Intended Major: Civil Engineering

Amanda Young plans to major in civil engineering with a specialization in environmental engineering and a minor in environmental geoscience. Amanda is passionate about the environment and wants to create more sustainable infrastructure and resource use. She pursued this interest in high school through the Science Olympiad, where she competed in events focused on ecology, hydrogeology, environmental legislation and other related topics. This led to her dream of a career combining her love of environmental science and engineering. Amanda is also passionate about community service and leadership. She spends her free time volunteering, was the co-president of her Girl Scout troop, a student leader in her church and president of the Science Olympiad team. Amanda also enjoys painting and drawing. Amanda has also been recognized as a National Merit Scholar.